Bonjour à toutes

pour celles qui ont déjà fait la boîte "springle" je vous propose ce pas à pas du site

Hi Ladies, it's my time again to show you how I did it;-) This time I've made a little gift box for a sweet newborn girl. Inside the box there's room for a pair of tiny sox. Now let's start...
Take a piece of 12 x 12 Kraft paper (this is the only time I use inches the rest of the tutorial will be in cm. You can easily convert this with an inch converter to cm found by Google) Cut two pieces , one of 12  by 24 cm and a square one of 17,4 x 17,4 cm
Score the square one at 5,8 and 11,6 cm than turn and do the exact same thing again. Score the other piece of cardstock at 3 - 9 cm turn and score at 3- 9 -15 -21 cm
Cut the piece in the middle out, where the line is and then it will look like this
Now fold all the scored lines of both the square and the rectangle pieces of cardstock
You see here that I've cut on both sides a little, this is to make the lit later on. The exact same thing I did with the square one
Now fold the square piece to a little box
And glue with tape to the other piece of cardstock
Tape the lit together
Your box is ready, let the fun part begin....start decorating!
And open....