j'ai trouvé cela il y a longtemps, alors comme c'est la période je vous le montre... Un petit tour sur son blog et un commentaire lui feront grand plaisir je pense !

Little Something Sunday with Larissa Albernaz

Today Larissa shows us how to make this super cute wreath using Cosmo Cricket Mitten Weather:


Cosmo Cricket Mitten Weather papers + ready set chipboard
Hot Glue
Acrylic Paint
Round base to mold


To make that wreath you need to start rolling up opened newspaper sheets as shown in the picture.

Glue the extremities, leaving your paper straws well fastened.

Repeat it five or 6 times, because you´ll need a few tubes to make the wreath.

Mold the newspapers around any round based material.

Glues each of the tubes around the circle and let it dry. When it's glued, take off the round base and paint with white acrylic paint.

Decorate as you wish. I've added some Mitten Weather cut outs and chipboards.

Hot glue them.

Next, with an opened scissors it's necessary to roll up the paper strips taken from "Woolens" paper.

Finally, you can use stickles to embellish your garland.

That's it!
I hope you enjoy it!"


Je vous embrasse fort !